Industries and Domains

LEAF Cleantech products and technology have variety of industrial applications. LEAF Cleantech can also provide customized enzymatic solutions based on the requirement of the clients in any industry. We would encourage enquiries and would be more than happy to share/discuss potential applications of enzymes in your industry.

Industries We Cater


Food processing enzymes are used as food additives to modify food properties like digestibility, texture and shelf life. Other enzymes used in the food industry are for starch liquefaction, saccharification and isomerization reaction. Enzymes play a key role in milk production, cheese making, baking, wine making, juice making, brewing, and alcohol production. In food processing, animal or vegetable food proteins with better functional and nutritional properties are obtained by the enzymatic hydrolysis of proteins. LEAF's proprietary enzyme formulations cater to this industry.

Some of the most popular enzyme formulations from LEAF on offer are :-

  • LEAFFERM G - Grain alcohol yield boosting enzyme
  • LEAFFERM M - Molasses fermentation yield boosting enzyme
  • LEAFGLUCO L - used for saccharification

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Supplementing the feed with specific enzymes improves the nutritional value of feed ingredients, increasing the efficiency of digestion. Feed enzymes help break down anti-nutritional factors like phytatate, fibers etc. that can otherwise lead to reduce meat, egg, milk production. These enzymes also help to maintain gut health of the animals and also reduce phosphorus and nitrogen excretion.

  • LEAFPHYT AP - Improves meat and egg production
  • LEAFXYL AP - Fiber degrading enzyme, improves meat and egg production
  • LEAFALGAL - Increases digestive capacity of the animals
  • Other products: LEAFCEL AP - cellulase enzyme, LEAFBG - betaglucanase enzyme etc

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Pharmaceutical/ Nutraceutical

LEAF Cleantech has profound interest in this sector. Although, niche yet LEAF Cleantech is trying to ascertain and improve on its capabilities to cater to this segment. We are focusing on products and technology that can be used in drug production (process), therapeutic and analytical segments in this industry.

  • LEAFBROMEL P - Bromelain (useful in inflammation)
  • LEAFSERRA - Serratiopeptidase (useful in inflammation)
  • LEAFDIAST: fungal diastase
  • LEAFPAP IP: Papain IP etc

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Biofuels promise to be the preferred fuels of tomorrow. They can displace petroleum fuels and, in many countries, reduce the dependence on imported fuel. Biofuels, derived from biomass conversion are, sustainable and renewable sources of energy that are also considered environmental friendly. Production of first generation biofuel is based on the fermentation of corn starch or cane sugar. LEAF has high quality products for this category and is also looking at expanding its footprint to cater to this domain.


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LEAF Cleantech is also in advanced discussion with other companies and academic institutes to enter the waste water management section and would soon come out with more solution for this domain.