About Us

Leaf Cleantech is a technology company that operates in the larger space of clean technologies. We are based out of the technology hub of India - Bangalore. Our Mission is to provide sustainable clean solutions to address certain global challenges like shortage of food, depleting water sources and energy deficiency or dependency.

The founding team at Leaf Cleantech comes from diverse backgrounds and has hands on experience in successfully establishing and managing few clean technology solutions for the Indian ecosystem. With more than several man years of grounded reality, the team has a supreme understanding of the challenges and hurdles faced by the Indian industrial segment.

Leaf cleantech believes that with the experience of the founding team, understanding of the industries and the access to technology can help in making a difference to the clean technology space.

We take great pride in working closely with our partners – consumers, customers, co-developers, to design, develop and establish the best technology solutions. Our value proposition is in:

  • Application and product development to increase the use of bio-degradable products in various industry applications, and, reduce or eliminate use of chemicals
  • Increase the productivity of output in the industries
  • Use of renewable feedstock using novel process technologies with increased conversion efficiencies
  • Develop a cost effective and efficient technology that will significantly reduce the effluent load in the effluent water generated in the process industries and enable re-use in the process
  • Develop technologies that will increase the efficiency of production of biofuels like bio-ethanol and bio-butanol and production of new generation biofuels. Also develop technologies that will enable use of alternate feedstock for biofuels production.
  • Develop novel applications to alternate energy which will significantly reduce the usage cost