Products and Technology

Leaf Cleantech develops products and technologies, leveraging its understanding of the industries and the access to know-how, to specifically address their application or process bottlenecks, and, reducing the industries’ impact on environment.

The products offered by LEAF are specialty enzymes which are unique in their activity profile and application. The various enzymes offered in neat are non-GMO therefore have special application features due to its side activity profiles. The formulated enzymes are proprietary blend of enzymes which go application in various industries that LEAF caters to. The formulated enzymes offer many benefits like significant improvement in yields, reduced time, increased energy savings and overall lower carbon footprint.

Industrial Biotechnology

Leaf cleantech has a range of enzymes, which are bio-degradable bio- catalysts, which can be standardized or formulated as per the requirements of the customers to suit their applications. We also work closely with the customers to develop new applications and formulations that will enhance their productivity. Some of the industries we address are: food, feed, textiles, pulp & paper, leather, grain processing and bio-ethanol.

Innovative, proprietary process

LEAF Cleantech is working on innovative technologies that we believe will effectively address the need of the industry and would provide an environmental friendly solution to the chemical intensive industrial processes. Leaf cleantech's strength lies in the effective formulation of novel enzymes to suit the demands of the various industries. We bring on board not only the product but a complete application support to our clients so that the processes can be optimized.

Custom made formulations:

We also undertake custom made formulations for various industry applications as per customers' requirement

Quality assurance:

All LEAF's products undergo strict quality assurance testing done at our facility.